As a volunteer, you'll help with a range of important projects, managing the entry gates, checking tickets, arranging game booths, selling merchandise, assisting restaurants, and of course: pouring beer! Select your city below to get the full scoop.


lend a hand.

Pop up tents, cart ice & product, distribute products to vendors, carry & empty swill buckets, and set up tables.

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get crafty.

Post signage & banners across the concourse, organize souvenir cups, prepare the merchandise booth, and set-up photo activations.

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meet & greet.

Scan tickets, wristband VIPs, check-in vendors/sponsors, pour beer for breweries, serve food for restaurants, and manage lines at entry.

Volunteer FAQS

Can we choose our volunteer tasks?

Be prepared to jump into all volunteer tasks! Sally needs help popping up a tent? Help that sista out! Steve lost his voice while shouting out line directions to lost attendees? Give ‘em a shout! (literally). A brewery is in desperate need of some ice to cool down their most prized IPA? Skedaddle right over to the ice truck! Be prepared to be on your feet for a few hours!

Do you provide food?

Because we limit the shifts to 5 hours, we do not provide grub & suds. Make sure to pack some snacks and water bottles.

What do I get in return for volunteering pre-event?

You’ll receive a FREE ticket to the Bacon and Beer Classic and a souvenir cup.

What do I get in return for volunteering during the event?

You’ll be taking home a six-pack and a free t-shirt.

Where can I leave my bag and/or purse during my shift?

It is best to keep all belongings with you at all times. In some cases, we will have a secure area to leave belongings, but be prepared to hold your items in a backpack if that is not the case.


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