Participating JERSEY CITY Restaurants

With many more TBA!


Sands Jerk Hut

Sands Jerk Hut is a Brooklyn based catering company that provides an array of foods that will challenge your palate and provide you with a culinary passport to the Caribbean.  

Queens Bully

Queens Bully (short for Boulevard) was born out of this mutual love for their neighborhood, culture, and ethnicities. Queens Bully serves American BBQ, dishes with global flavors, paired with craft cocktails and local craft beers.

Jase’s BBQ

First class BBQ services infused with Caribbean flavors. They are the home of the BBQ pigtail & jerk fried chicken and specialize in events, catering & much more!

Maricel’s Kitchen

Maricel’s Kitchen brings you the hottest “new” food trend – Filipino Food. The Philippines is the crossroads of Asia and is infused with flavors and dishes from across Asia as wells as flavors from it’s Spanish history, warm climate, and unique geography.

Adrii’s Kitchen

Adrii's Kitchen is a NYC based catering service, specializing in distinctive appetizers, signature dishes, and adding that personal twist. Chef Adrii prides herself in creating food that guests will enjoy, take a picture of, and share with friends all without the effort of ever picking up a pot.

Marcha Cocina

Virgilio de la Cruz and his brother, Fredy, the chefs, opened their 60-seat tapas bar 15 months ago and have won a Michelin recommendation for its new-Latino cooking. The brothers were executive chefs at the Pipa tapas restaurant in ABC Carpet and Home, as well as at Patria and Chicama, two well-regarded downtown Latin restaurants.

Sorry Not Sorry

This popular restaurant, bar, and hookah lounge is located in Forest Hills and promises to bring the party. The Sorry Not Sorry experience has a little of something for everyone, from bar eats to a live DJ. This is one hotspot you would be sorry to miss!

Corfu Grill

Located in the downtown core of Cobourg, owner Giorgios “George” Aspiotis opened Corfu Grill nearly a decade ago. Today, Corfu Grill remains a small, family-run restaurant specializing in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. They have maintained a steady clientele who come for authentic Greek dishes.

Zeppelin Hall

An authentic European style Biergarten, which is a huge restaurant with both indoor and outdoor spaces where hundreds of guests gather under the trees and stars to drink beer, eat and socialize. Biergartens have been an important part of the social lives of Europeans for hundreds of years.

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Miss Holly’s Smokehouse

Our returning champ, Miss Holly, will be cooking up her favorite bacon and pork dishes. This is a booth you do not want to miss!

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Ghost Truck Kitchen

They had one simple mission in mind when they started, to make takeout and delivery better. To them, better meant higher quality ingredients, more creative options, eco-friendly packaging and order ahead technology. So after a year of preparation, planning and property hunting, they have finally found their home and can’t wait to bring you the best takeout food you have ever had!

Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds

Small batch, carefully crafted and expertly seasoned pork rinds bring your snacking experience into the 21st century with more than just exciting crunch ... it’s an exciting bold flavor. Don't you deserve a protein-packed snack worthy of your bold life?

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Jerkin Chicken LLc

The Mckenzie Family has been running Jerkin Chicken in the metro area for over 20 years. They started out with a simple concept in mind; to provide their customers with an authentic taste of Jamaica; their native island.

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Cousins Maine Lobster

Founded in 2012, Cousins Maine Lobster rose to national recognition after being featured on the hit ABC series Shark Tank in 2013. The Cousins partnered with investor Barbara Corcoran and have been on a wild ride ever since, opening ten franchises in 2015 alone!

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Zachary “Schmackary” Schmahl is a born cookie monster. After trying every cookie he could find from the heartland to the big apple, Zach wanted to create something different. Why stop at Chocolate Chip? He saw so many more flavor opportunities for cookies and yet no one was doing it. With that thought in mind, Schmackary’s was born.