hormel bacons.jpg

Free bacon. On us.

As if you needed more of an incentive to buy your favorite food…we’re giving 2019 ticket holders 5 free coupons with every purchase of Hormel® Black Label® Bacon. Because we hate to see you bacon-less, that’s why.

Just follow these steps..

  1. Buy 1 package of Hormel® Black Label® Bacon from any place you like

  2. Take a picture of the front of the receipt (make sure we can see all the details)

  3. Fill out the form below and upload your receipt picture & Address

  4. We’ll MAIL you coupons for 5 free packages of Hormel® Black Label® Bacon, redEemable at any store.

THE NITTY GRITTY RULES: 1 (one) package purchase = 5 free coupons. Only 1 submission of 1 package per person. The form must be submitted with all the mandatory information no later than Tuesday, October 1st at 11:59pm.