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Joy District

Located in Chicago’s River North, Joy District combines a heightened dining experience with private enclosures, a roof top experience, and late night lounge. The chef-driven Asian Fusion menu created by Executive Chef Matt Wilde offers inventive interpretations of authentic Asian cuisine with a menu that has been elevated with the finest ingredients and personal twists. The goal, simply put, is for everyone to enJOY.


Passanante’s Home Food Service

Since 1916, Passanante's Home Food Service has provided families with a variety of healthy, safe and delicious foods. What started as a corner market and specialty butcher shop has blossomed into a state-of-the-art processing facility. With a century of experience, they have truly mastered the art of quality food delivery.


Chicago q

Chicago q is not your ordinary barbecue joint. Since opening in 2010, their Chefs have created a barbecue experience like none other by using the highest quality meats seasoned with house-made rubs while served in a Savannah-style dining room, imbued with Southern charm and comfort. 


Davanti Enoteca

Davanti Enoteca, an Italian wine bar, offers share-able plates of rustic Italian cuisine from pastas, pizzas, and entrees in addition to small plate items such as vasi (mini mason jars with Tuscan toast), antipasti, salads and table-side presentations.


Bites Asian Kitchen + Bar

At Bites, they believe that food is more than merely a part of survival, it is their passion. It has the power to transcend languages, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. At Bites, they want to celebrate cultures from around the World. They’ve been inspired by Thailand, China, Japan, Korea and more. A new story always awaits you at Bites.


City Lights Brewing

With an incredible excitement, a humbling recognition of the historical significance of the West Side Water Works campus, an acute recognition of Milwaukee's legacy of brewing expertise and a proud sense of stewardship to respect the lore of yesterday and meet challenges of tomorrow, a craft brewery re-launched as "The City Lights Brewing Company." 

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A Southern Soul

Chef Donna will be bringing her Soul Food dishes all the way from Belden, Mississippi!


Carnivore Inc.

We proudly offer locally sourced and responsibly-raised meats, seafood, and produce.

Working closely with local farmers and foragers ensures that all of our products are fresh and of the highest quality.

The Berghoff Restaurant

Adams Street is where the historic Berghoff Restaurant became an establishment, earned Chicago’s first ever liquor license, and served generations of families. To many, the building on Adams Street is more than just a location; it’s a “real-time, working memory factory.” As a tribute to the place that the Berghoff family has called home for over a century, the brewery is named Adams Street Brewery.

CheSa’s Gluten Free Food Truck

Chef CheSa is a self-taught Chef and the operator/owner of CheSa’s Gluten Free Food Truck with a goal to empower Foodies to eat healthy while dining out. All of the meals prepared by Chef CheSa's and her team are 100% gluten free, organic and NON-GMO. Chef CheSa is the only Woman-owned, minority-owned 100% Gluten-Free Food Truck in the state of Illinois and the only food truck in the mid-west that curates a healthy Gluten-Free Menu, food truck style!

Big Fork Brands

Big Fork Brands is a Chicago-based, family-owned company centered on innovating the swine; bacon sausage, craft pork jerky, and pork snack sticks. They work with small family farmers in Iowa who raise 100% Berkshire Hogs outdoors without the use of antibiotics. The best tasting pork and bacon on the planet is nitrate-free, uncured, and hardwood smoked. All of their products are smoked using a combination of hickory and applewood hardwoods. Founder Lance Avery is a culinary ninja wanting to blow up the otherwise stagnate pork industry.

Wok in the Park

Wok in the Park Restaurant is a modern Fresh Asian Bistro located in St Louis Park Minnesota. Their simple handcrafted recipes put a fresh and unique twist on classic Asian cuisine. Their Menu is about creative cultural infusions from Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, and France. Wok in the Park is a family run, independent restaurant that cooks fresh and from the heart.


A Taste of the Philippines

A Taste of the Philippines is the first Filipino mobile restaurant in Colorado owned and operated by Philippine native Kathy Vega. Kathy's vision for the food cart was to introduce the Filipino culture through Filipino cuisine. A Taste of Philippines moved headquarters to Chicago, IL spring of 2018 and now serve at various farmers markets throughout Chicago


City Tap Kitchen & Craft

In the City Tap kitchen, craft comes first. Like beer slowly fermenting in a tank, their food is prepared with equal parts precision and patience. Lead by Executive Chef, Ian Branning their menu blends personal expertise with regional traditions to make something daring and refreshing.



Sholado offers a tropical twist to shaved ice. While specializing in tropical shaved ice, made with fresh fruit, Sholado also offers exotic lemonades, crepes, smoothies, and juices. Take a 10 minute tropical vacation at Sholado!


The Guiltless Garden

The Guiltless Garden aims to redefine snacking by encouraging people to play hard and snack smart. They are inspired by the goodness that grows from the ground and promise the highest quality products from their garden to your hands. The Guiltless Garden offers tasty, healthy, sustainably-grown snacks you don’t have to feel “guilty” about.

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Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds

Small batch, carefully crafted and expertly seasoned pork rinds bring your snacking experience into the 21st century with more than just exciting crunch ... it’s an exciting bold flavor. Don't you deserve a protein-packed snack worthy of your bold life?

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Houndstooth Saloon

Look for 20 draft beers, a lineup of 40s, and an extensive canned beer selection, plus a cocktail list with Dixie-inspired drinks such as the Bushwacker (think ‘adult frosty) & Yellowhammer - shout out to all of the Bama grads and this fruit juice based vodka and rum drink. And don’t forget their wine list that rivals any restaurant in Wrigleyville.

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IntoxiCakes specializes in cupcakes inspired by popular cocktails. Their cupcakes are infused with actual spirits to promote pronounced distinct flavors. Their premium cupcakes are made to order, baked from scratch and crafted with quality spirits to create an unparalleled sophisticated dessert experience.

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Ballast Point Brewing CO.

The perfect balance of taste and aroma. An obsession with ingredients. An exploration of techniques. And while they savor the result, they’re just as fascinated by the process to get there.

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Phillipe C'est Bon

Phillipe Sobon, is a self-taught chef living in Chicago. He's been a finalist on Masterchef Season 5, a contestant on Food Network's Cooks vs. Cons Season 2, appeared in USA Today, WGN, a finalist for World Food Championships 2017, and has worked with Fabio Viviani and Graham Elliot. Take one of his classes to learn how to make homemade pasta!

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Philly Pretzel Factory

Being “Better” sounds easier than it is. It takes dedication. Risk-taking. A refusal to compromise your principles. And yeah, sometimes that means keeping things simple. From their shape to their recipe, wholesome is how they do things better, every time. It’s not just about what goes into their pretzels. It’s about how you feel when you eat one…or four!