Participating Breweries

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Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Way smooth and silky. Brewers of fine ales, mystery, & romance.  

Standard Deviant Brewing

Paul, Mark, and Dave are the master minds behind Standard Deviant Brewing. They run the 10 barrel brewhouse located on 14th St in San Francisco, CA .

Campbell Brewing Co

Their twenty-barrel brewing system is capable of brewing 6,000 kegs per year and their menu is always growing. They use the finest ingredients to brew both modern and traditional beers that are all brewed with love.

South City Ciderworks

Using only fresh-pressed, West Coast apples, they aim to create easy drinking and approachable ciders. Their ciders range from semi-sweet to dry and funky. 

Seven Stills Brewery and Distillery

Good beer and whiskey are meant to be shared, and in that spirit they want to share the success of their company with the community that has helped them achieve it. 


Six Rivers Brewery

Six Rivers Brewery prides themselves on being the culmination of good food, great beer and love of a good time; providing quality and distinctive beer and menu items, utilizing local and organic ingredients whenever possible. 

Eight Bridges Brewing, Inc

Brewmaster, Justin, has more than 7 years experience designing and brewing award winning beer using an all grain brewing system that he designed and built. His degree in Zoology gives him the knowledge to understand the biological and chemical reactions involved in the cooking, fermentation, and post-fermentation processes of beer making.

Armstrong Brewing Co.

They produce beer on one of the only all in one mash and kettle systems around.  They have three 4 barrel ferms and produce around the clock to try and keep up with their taproom demands.  

Hapa's Brewing Company

Hapa is the Hawaiian word for “mixed.” A word very applicable to brewing beer.  Hot water is mixed with malted barley to create wort.  Hops are mixed with wort during the boil to add flavor and aroma. Yeast is mixed with the cooled wort to ferment sugars and make beer. 

Bartlett Brewing Co

Nick Mamere’s love affair with beer began with homebrewing in his garage between courses at San Francisco State University. Upon graduating with a degree in English literature, he took a job bartending at The Brewing Network’s newly opened taproom and studio location. This is where he was exposed to a who’s who of beer industry luminaries and solidified his ambition of pursuing his passion as a career.

Holy Craft Brewing Company

Holy Craft Brewing Company wants to define how beer should be brewed, with quality ingredients, carefully designed recipes and with the utmost care and attention. They're going to change the way connoisseurs and casual drinkers appreciate beer.

San Francisco Brewing Co.

Established in 2012 by Josh Leavy, San Francisco Brewing Co. is a craft brewing company that brews beer in small batches to offer its customers flavorful and fresh beer. They are dedicated to creating delicious and easy-to-drink beer that fosters community, celebration, and local artistry. 

Laughing Monk Brewing

Brothers Jeff and Andrew started Laughing Monkey. Jeff owes his beer crafting spirit to his Mom who saw his passion and bought him his first kit which he set up in his dad's garage. An avid homebrewer, BJCP judge and certified Cicerone, Andrew decided to take the plunge and start a brewery after traveling through Belgium and experiencing the breadth of styles and the depth of craft in their beers.

Pedro Point Brewing

Pedro Point Brewing is a microbrewery, located in Pacifica, CA. They aim to showcase all of the amazing flavors and ingredients available  in California through bold and interesting beer styles. They have plenty of approachable beers on tap, as well, so there should be something for everyone.  

JP DasBrew

At JP DasBrew, their mission is to brew consistent world-class German-style beers, to operate an environmentally responsible neighborhood craft brewery, to give back to their community, and to provide an employee-friendly workplace.

The Booth Brewing Co.

In May 2017, The Booth released their first beer in the US from a brewery in Eureka, becoming the first Asian craft brewery to operate in the United States. Their mix of fun-based philosophy, unique artwork, and cutting-edge quality beer has already been attracting the mouths and hearts of many craft beer lovers and even non-enthusiasts.

Out of Bounds Brewing Co.

Out of Bounds Brewing brings years of Pacific Northwest brewing experience to the Sierra Nevada Foothills & celebrates the Northern Californian lifestyle at it’s best with award-winning, handcrafted beers.

Buffalo Bill's Brewery

Hand-crafting beer in the bay area since 1983 located just three Blocks from the Hayward BART Station. Buffalo Bill's is ready to win "Best Beer" at the Classic! 

Big Stump Brew Co.

Big Stump Brew Co. opened in 2016 and rapidly became Sacramento's premier community oriented brewery. The Stump is made out of hardworking thinkers, dreamers, brewers, and doers with one common goal in mind - to pour you the perfect pint. Independently owned and operated, their beer is locally made by people with longstanding ties to the region. 

The Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant

The Beach Chalet offers a full bar, abundant free parking and a breathtaking ocean view. Bay Area residents and visitors find the Beach Chalet to be a wonderful San Francisco experience while visiting Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach.

Altamont Beer Works

Located in the heart of Livermore’s exploding wine country, Altamont Beer Works prides themselves on fresh beer. Their beers are draft only & are produced on site. They have 10 rotating taps pouring the freshest beer in the area. 


East Brother Beer Company

East Brother Beer Co. was founded by two friends, Rob and Chris, after decades of seeing the brewery take shape in their minds. They’ve brewed countless beers in their day, and always found themselves returning, as inevitably as the tide, to classic styles executed with precision.

High Water Brewing Company

Inspired by the most respected and creative brewing practices and styles around the world, Steve’s love of beer and unbridled passion for all things flavorful have led to a line of products that represent the very best of the best.   Assisted by his wife Barri, with her culinary background and prowess in flavorology, they create a product portfolio that has a little something for everyone.

Seismic Brewing Company

Seismic Brewing Company was started by friends who have a passion for high quality craft beer. They understand that being craft requires having a principled approach and vigilantly maintaining it. Their principles include being collegial in the industry, being proud ambassadors of their home in Santa Rosa, being fearless in experimentation and being devoted to quality from grain-to-glass. 

True Symmetry Brewing Co

Their brewing philosophy is about balance. They believe that life is about balance and your beer should be no different. The most important aspect of our business plan is to provide top quality ales and lagers. Their goal is offer not just beer, but a memorable experience in every glass. 

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers has been defiantly brewing small batches of beer in San Francisco’s Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood since 1997. The brewery started with a single iconic beer, still made today, called Prohibition Ale. The hoppy amber beer embodies the spirit of bootleggers and gangsters who persevered when America’s taps ran dry.

New Bohemia Brewing Co.

As a brewery, their goal is to focus on beers that strike a perfect balance. Every brew involves ingredients and characteristics that are in dynamic tension--whether it's tension between the sweetness of malt and bitterness of hops, or a tension between alcohol and yeast. Finding this balance, where subtle complexities of each element can be expressed without diminishing other traits in the beer, is the art and craft of various brewing traditions that have evolved over millennia.

TW Pitchers Brewing Company

At TW Pitchers' Brewing Company, they make craft shandies. They're not talking about those overly-sweet, soulless lemon concoctions produced by America's largest breweries each summer. No, no, no. They brew small batch shandies by blending well crafted beer with delicious all natural fruit. They bring creativity, quality, and depth to a new segment of the beer industry, and they do it year round.

2 Towns Ciderhouse

The mission at 2 Towns Ciderhouse has always been to bring cider back to the people, restoring this historic beverage to its former glory through integrity in both ingredients and process. They believe craft beverages should be simple, so they simply use the whole fruits that nature provides, and nothing else.

Oakland United Beerworks

Founded in 2009 as Linden Street Brewery, they became the first production brewery in Oakland in over 50 years. Although they are very small, brewing only around 1,100 barrels per year and growing, they are dedicated to providing Brewery Fresh Beer to their hometown of Oakland and neighboring communities.

Iron Springs Pub & Brewery

At Iron Springs, they are active participants in their community. They know that the folks who frequent their pub are not just customers, they are their friends and neighbors. They like to think that this attitude is reflected in their style of service and in their casual, homey atmosphere.

East Brother Beer Company

East Brother Beer Co. was founded by two friends, Rob and Chris, after decades of seeing the brewery take shape in their minds. They’ve brewed countless beers in their day, and always found themselves returning, as inevitably as the tide, to classic styles executed with precision.

Georgetown Brewing

First of all, everyone loves beer. Even if you don’t, you know someone that does. Second, everyone hates their boring jobs and wishes they could drink beer for work. Third, no one sets out to intentionally make bad beer, even at Strangebrew in Port Townsend. 

Kona Brewing

“Aloha” is the idea that we are all connected to everyone and everything around us and that true joy is found in respecting this connection. And it’s in this aloha spirit that the Kona Brewing Company was founded back in 1994 by Cameron Healy and his son Spoon Khalsa. They combined their love of Hawaii and its pristine, natural beauty with their fondness for delicious, local brews, and lucky for us, their dream lives on more than 20 years later.

Fort Point Beer Co

Fort Point Beer Company is a New American brewery - the product of a thriving American craft beer culture, shaped by deeply San Franciscan values: quality craftsmanship and a spirit of innovation. They create balanced, thoughtful beers that reference traditional styles but are by no means bound to them. For them, brewing is the confluence of creative expression and refined technique. They want their beers to tell a story, inspire an idea, and be thoroughly enjoyable.

SLO Brew

SLO Brew opened its doors in 1988 and has remained one of California’s longest standing brew pubs. Their hand-crafted micro brews, quality dining, and world-class entertainment has made SLO Brew a pivotal component of the Central Coast. Their history in brewing spans decades and includes numerous gold medal winning beers and the honor of being named “Brew Pub of the Year” at The Great American Beer Festival.

Old Possum Brewing Co.

Old Possum Brewing Co. aims for a casual and relaxed atmosphere for both white collar and blue collar workers. They have adopted the motto "Why not do business with your neighbor?” while presenting simple food and simple beer with humble service. Focused on driving Sonoma County forward through hyper-local commerce, leaving a minimal carbon footprint and awareness for both the consumer and the product is their goal. They hope you enjoy your time at Old Possum Brewing Co. as much as they enjoy working hard for you.

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing.  An award winning, local, certified organic brewery.  Yes, they're proud. Yes, their beer is organic, but don't be afraid.  Just because they brew with organic grains and organic hops doesn't mean that you aren't going to love it! Yes, it is still beer.  Brewed in the traditional fashion by their family owned and operated brewery, these ales are not filtered, not pasteurized, not radiated, and not brewed with any genetically modified ingredients. 

Golden State Brewery

Creating a great beer demands the blend of knowledge and passion. Knowledge is understanding the capability of the ingredients. Passion is derived from never settling for regular or common flavors and charging to exceed expectations. You’ll soon discover the absolute perfection of drinking a craft beer at the source. Their philosophy is to make great beer, have fun, and care about their community!

Barrel Head Brewhouse

Their head brewer, Kirk Hillyard, won Bronze for his Brother Harker Patersbier in the American - Belgo - Style Ale category at the 2018 World Beer Cup!

Hermitage Brewing Company

They are not a mainstream brewery. They don’t copy; they create. Brewmaster Peter and Cellarmaster Greg are obsessive about their quality, and passionately focus on brewing beers that are flavorful, rich in character, aroma driven and unique. They make beers they want to drink. They are finding an audience for this. Are you with them?

Umunhum Brewing

As California’s first co-op brewery, their mission is to create a new “resting place” worthy of our local community. They are a growing group of dedicated members who are passionate about great beer, customer service, sustainability, and great food (supporting local and organic farms where possible). They strive to reflect their local heritage here in the San Jose region and to build a stronger community by working with local businesses and organizations and with other co-ops.