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2019 Restaurants

Garage Bar & Bowl

Their mission is to share their sincere hospitality, fresh and unique food and boutique sports bar and bowling environment that is unlike any other. They hope to bring the city of Waconia a friendly place for the community to gather and enjoy.

The Dawg House

Typically, the dog house is not somewhere you wanna end up, a punishment for something you said or did that upset those around you. But in this case, it's exactly where you wanna end up, and you're gonna wanna bring everyone around you.

Fresco’s Catering by Dani

Dani started her catering business after working for corporate restaurant chains. “We’re doing things that get everyone up and moving, like small plate stations for global cuisines, or grilling on-site, which is more interactive.

Big Guys BBQ Roadhouse

Big Guys was dreamed, envisioned, and ultimately came to fruition by Craig (Jethro) Lund, a Hudson Local, that possesses a vision and passion for creating a new, fun and exciting atmosphere, while offering a menu and experience you can not find anywhere else!

Twin Cities 400 Tavern

No place has fresher, better ingredients than Minnesota, and no one loves them more than they do. From locally-sourced meats, cheeses and produce, to homegrown whiskeys and rye, the 400 Tavern showcases the best of the North Country, in the heart of the Twin Cities.

Go Bananas

Go Bananas provides consumers, young & old, an out of this world, gourmet chocolate dipped frozen banana. Go Bananas uses ingredients that provide gluten-free, trans-fat free and natural antioxidants. Their product caters to the child in all of us; those who prefer a sweet treat option, who have special dietary needs and who desire a healthier ice cream alternative that is Dippin’ Delicious!

Public Kitchen + Bar

Located in the heart of Lowertown overlooking Mears Park, PUBLIC kitchen + bar is a New American restaurant serving seasonally-inspired dishes and drinks for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. The light-filled dining room seats 180 comfortably, and features floor-to-ceiling windows looking over Mears Park and an open kitchen.

Stray Dog

After 11 years with Bulldog NE, it was time to take the ship a different direction. They still have the same approach to the menu, the beer, and their values, but decided to try to bring in more of the neighborhood and make it their first choice by focusing on the details that their diners look for. They love to meet new people and they are always anxious to hear what makes us their first choice, and why they Stray our way.

Granite City Brewery

They’re on a mission to build and foster a community of beer fans for life. They are passionate about sharing their love of craft with real, craft beer lovers. They’re true to their craft brewery beginnings with a genuine commitment to fresh brewed beer, made from scratch food, and unsurpassed hospitality.

Castle Danger Brewery

Castle Danger beers are all designed with a flavor profile in mind. They may start with a base style, but expand upon it to create something unique. There are hundreds of great beers that are true-to-style available in the beer market. They prefer to use traditional brewing practices to produce unique, flavorful beers. In their minds, this is the only way to approach brewing.

Bob's BBQ Emporium

Family owned and operated since 2010. Bob's BBQ Emporium is located 21 miles west of Madison, Wisconsin on US highway 14 in Arena, Wisconsin, USA

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Smokin’jacks bbq catering

Smokin’ Jack’s Rib Shack specializes in down home, Southern-style barbecue. Combined with their homemade side orders, you will enjoy a meal that can’t be beat.

First Draft Taproom & Kitchen

First Draft Taproom & Kitchen is a unique tasting experience in the North Loop district in Minneapolis, MN. They host a huge variety of craft beer, wine, cider, and kombucha for you to pour as much or as little as you’d like! Their taps are ever-rotating to bring you a wide selection of craft and small-batch libations from across the country.

Wooden Hill Brewing Company

"Up the Wooden Hill" is an expression their grandfather used to say when it was time to go upstairs to bed. This peculiar name for a staircase always stuck with them. Taking inspiration from family tradition and their grandfather's entrepreneurial spirit led them to name the brewery Wooden Hill.

Untitled design - 2019-06-03T170431.413.png

A Southern Soul

Chef Donna will be bringing her Soul Food dishes all the way from Belden, Mississippi! This is a booth you do not want to miss!

Mojo Monkey Donuts

Mojo Monkey Donuts started with Lisa Clark’s dream to make donuts. Not just average donuts, but donuts made with quality ingredients and by people with their own two hands. So, inspired by her five-year stint at Breadsmith and her pastry-enthused children, Clark set out with a business plan and a mission to share.


More to be announced!

56 Brewing

56Brewing is a Microbrewery and Tap Room in Northeast Minneapolis. They’re a collaborative group of beer enthusiasts who value the city, the community, the people and the establishments as a place to work, live, bike, connect, play, grow and have fun.

Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative

At Broken Clock Brewing, they believe that being a brew cooperative is bigger than just brewing great beer. They aspire to make a difference by empowering people, inspiring passion, and fostering collaboration in their community.

Bank Brewing Co

It was on a hunting trip to Hendricks where the dream of a destination brewery was born. The name Bank Brewing was derived from the building that now houses their taproom, an old bank that sits on Main street.

Pryes Brewing Company

Masterfully Crafted & Thoughtfully Designed, Pryes Brewing takes its time to focus on brewing one batch at a time. The 6,000 sq. ft. taproom offers guests the choice to enjoy riverside views on the patio!

city lights brewing company

With an incredible excitement, a humbling recognition of the historical significance of the West Side Water Works campus, an acute recognition of Milwaukee's legacy of brewing expertise and a proud sense of stewardship to respect the lore of yesterday and meet challenges of tomorrow, a craft brewery re-launched as "The City Lights Brewing Company." 


DESTIHL is an independent, privately-owned company, and their plan is simple:
to continue raising the bar whenever and wherever possible. They were founded on the promise of supporting flavor and boycotting bland!

Duluth Brewhouse

From sidewalk shovelers to Lake Superior surfers-everyone who loves adventure will enjoy a beer brewed with an uncompromising dedication to quality. It’s what Duluth drinks.

Omni Brewing Co

They believe craft beer has the power to bring all kinds of people together.  They strive daily to create a something-amazing-for-everyone collection of thoughtful, handcrafted brews.  They are all beer and no pretense.

Granite City Brewery

They’re on a mission to build and foster a community of beer fans for life. They are passionate about sharing their love of craft with real, craft beer lovers. They’re true to their craft brewery beginnings with a genuine commitment to fresh brewed beer, made from scratch food, and unsurpassed hospitality.

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

Tin Whiskers is on a mission to make Artfully Engineered Beers, and is the perfect place for beer-nerds and non-nerds alike. They bring their electrical engineering background into the brewery with their beer names,  their scientific approach to the brewing process, and their branding -- including circuit board flight holders.

Stacked Deck Brewing Co

Their wide range of meticulously crafted beers is guaranteed to please even the fussiest of palettes. Whether you’re looking for a hop-heavy IPA, a rich-and-creamy stout or a drink-all-day lager. So go ahead, take a gamble on any one (or three!) of their beers…they’re willing to bet you’ll be impressed. Stacked Deck Brewing—beer well suited.

Little Thistle Brewing Co

Rochester has many rich cultures from all over the world, right here in the middle of the corn fields of Minnesota. It’s a unique place that just keeps getting better, and they’re lucky to call Rochester home. They’re proud to be adding a gathering place to this fun, vibrant community!

Canal Park Brewing Company

Canal Park Brewing Company is a locally owned family venture. They’ve successfully owned and operated many business in the Twin Ports and the surrounding area for over fifty years. They salute those who’ve master the art of craft beer ad they’ve passed on these rich traditions from one generation tot he next.

Roma Restaurant & Brewery

Located in Willernie, MN. Willernie is located on the SouthEast side of White Bear Lake and is next to Mahtomedi. Willernie was originally "Wildwood Manor" and home of one of the most popular lakefront waterparks in Minnesota. It is a charming small town full of locally owned businesses.

Castle Danger Brewery

They have been brewing dangerously good ales on the North Shore of Lake Superior since 2011. After out-growing our 3-bbl brewhouse in Castle Danger, they opened a new location in downtown Two Harbors in 2014 with a 30-bbl brewing system, canning line, and year-round taproom overlooking Lake Superior.

Birch's Lowertown

At Birch’s Lowertown brewery, they have a true passion for brewing and look forward to sharing their love of beer with other enthusiasts living in and around the Lowertown St. Paul neighborhood. They are committed to providing their guests with the freshest and most innovative beer and fun brewery experience.

Modist Brewing Co

At Modist, they push past traditional brewing by embracing creativity and unconstrained experimentation. This starts with the approach to recipe development taken by teir Head Brewer, Keigan. Contrary to starting with a style guideline in mind, then moving forward – he starts with a flavor and experience in mind, then works backward.


Fulton Beer

When they founded Fulton in 2009, they were homebrewing out of a South Minneapolis garage and contract brewing at a small Wisconsin brewery. Their dream was to build a real Minneapolis brewery of their own in the next 5-10 years, and quit their day jobs along the way. They never guessed we’d build two Minneapolis breweries in three years. Looks like being wrong can sometimes be awesome.

Insight Brewing


Milwaukee Brewing Company

Their first beer was produced in October, 1997. From the beginning, their goal has been to brew outstanding, unique beers while maintaining an unwavering commitment to sustainability, business ethics, and the art of brewing.

Lake Monster Brewing

Why “Lake Monster”? From Loch Ness to Lake Pepin, lake-dwelling cryptids have fascinated explorers and passers-by for centuries. While skeptics might consider the existence of Lake Monsters to be exaggerations, misinterpretations or even fabrications, others believe in a world of mysteries yet to be solved and depths yet to be explored. These intrepid souls think it is worth the effort to venture beneath the surface in search of something unknown and extraordinary. They feel the same way about beer.

Big Wood Brewery

Big Wood is a Craft Brewery & Taproom in the heart of White Bear Lake, Minnesota. They are committed to creating quality beer, supporting the community, and having fun!

Wooden Hill Brewing Company

"Up the Wooden Hill" is an expression their grandfather used to say when it was time to go upstairs to bed. This peculiar name for a staircase always stuck with them. Taking inspiration from family tradition and their grandfather's entrepreneurial spirit led them to name the brewery Wooden Hill.

Lagunitas Brewing Company

In Northern California in 1993, Tony Magee started brewing on a stovetop homebrew kit. Now, Lagunitas beers are available in 20-ish countries and growing. And whether supporting local communities by turning beer into money for the cause, or simply fueling stories and songs with IPA and other fine ales, they’ve learned one thing … Wherever you go: beer speaks, people mumble.

Eastlake Craft Brewery

Eastlake was founded in 2014 by a former Minneapolis city bus operator. They opened that year inside the Midtown Global Market in south Minneapolis, home to a dozen-plus eateries with cuisines from around the world. They focus on brewing original hop-heavy ales, award-winning sours, and modern malty styles and serve twelve taps every day of the week. Their 25 oz cans can be found in the finer liquor stores around the Twin Cities metro area.

Bent Brewstillery

Bent Brewstillery’s mission is to bring great adult beverages to the public. The idea is to make tasty brews and powerful booze with bold names and flavors while rebelling against rigid style guidelines, along with having fun and making the experience entertaining for everyone involved.

“Our beer is unclassifiable, and so are we.”

Clutch Brewing Co.

Clutch Brewing Company is dedicated to community, artistic collaboration, and craft beer of a slightly different ilk. Nestled on the mezzanine of the Keg & Case Market in the historic Schmidt Brewery complex, they share the re-imagined and revitalized keg house with other Saint Paul entrepreneurs dedicated to their craft.

Clutch Brewing Company was hand built by the owners/brewers, and you can tell the same passion goes into every brew.

Minneapolis Cider Co.

Minneapolis Cider is on a mission to make everyone as passionate about cider as they are. ‘Welcome to Cider’ is their invitation to experience what makes cider special. From its vast variety of styles and methods to its storied history, they want to change how the world sees cider. Their goal is to inspire curiosity and foster a passion for what craft cider brings to the table. Minneapolis Cider wants to introduce people to a world of cider they never knew existed. 

Utepils Brewing

 Good brewing starts with honoring the traditions of brewers who have gone before us. Utepils’ beer is brewed using the highest quality water from the historic Glenwood Inglewood wells to produce beer that is classic yet uniquely distinct. Using tried and true brewing practices, they’re creating a new tradition in the Twin Cities that brings friends and families together share good times and great beer.

Waconia Brewing Company

WBC was founded by two families, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of craft beer. Waconia Brewing Company started as many other breweries have, with the gift of a home brewing kit, which fueled a dream to take their passion to the next level. WBC is the realization of that dream, created for all to enjoy.

ThirD Street Brewhouse

Third Street Brewhouse traces its history all the way back to 1874, when Michael Sargl, a German immigrant, started one of the first Minnesota breweries: Cold Spring Brewing Co. In 2012, Third Street Brewhouse was born and became the craft beer division of Cold Spring Brewing Co. Third Street Brewhouse has a wide range of beer types in the portfolio including IPAs, lagers, shandys and more. Today, their craft beer lineup has something for every beer lover’s taste.


612Brew produces small batch beers of the highest quality to satisfy the craft beer drinker with a discerning palate, as well as the weekend beer drinker. The quality ingredients used in the line of beers are sourced as close to Minneapolis as possible, bringing true meaning to local beer.

Sociable Cider Werks

Sociable Cider Werks brews freshly-pressed apples with a variety of fruits, grains, hops, & spices. The result is a lineup of innovative libations that are best when shared with a friend. Really, the whole story of Sociable is about sharing a pint with a friend. Long-time compatriots and garage brewing buddies Jim & Wade couldn’t find the kind of dry, bubbly ciders they wanted to drink. So in 2013 they struck out on their own. The rest, as they say, is history.

Bald Man Brew Co

In June 2012, their brew master attended formal brewery training with the American Brewers Guild and completed the Craft Brewers Apprenticeship Program. He interned with Lift Bridge Brewing in Stillwater.  Since graduating, he has continued recipe development and planning for the brewery.

Finnegans Brew Co.

Finnegans believes in barstool philanthropy. In social innovation building strong communities. And that doing good and having fun play nicely together. We believe in the sweet alchemy of turning beer into food. In lining food shelves with fresh produce from local growers. And that it takes a village to raise a more purposeful pint. Drink local. Give local. Here's to doing good.

Duluth Cider

In July 2017 Valerie and Jake moved home to Duluth and began restoration on the 100-year-old building that would become the Duluth Cider taproom and production facility. After 3 and a half years of planning, preparation and building, the couple celebrated with their team, friends, family and neighbors as they unlocked the taproom doors and poured the first drop of Duluth Cider in 2018.


Alloy Brewing Company

An alloy is a mixture of metals and elements. Alloys are created to make something better or stronger. The brewing process is similar, as the specific blends of malted barley, hops, water and yeast create something unique and more delicious than the ingredients could ever hope to be on their own. Alloy Brewing Company strives to achieve the dream of “Making the unrefined, exceptional”.


Bent Paddle Brewing Co.

The mission of Bent Paddle Brewing Co.® is to brew craft beer with a concentration on sustainability for our business, employees, the environment and the greater community - all while “Bending the Traditions” that we encounter, for a more unique and interesting craft beer experience.


Surly Brewing Co.

What's the philosophy of Surly Brewing?

Make great beer.

Have fun.

Give a damn about your community.

Be independent.

Don't be a dick.


Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Founded in 1996 by brothers-in-law Adam Firestone and David Walker, Firestone Walker Brewing Company is a pioneering regional craft brewery located on the coast of California. Our state-of-the-art brewery in Paso Robles produces a diverse portfolio ranging from iconic pale ales to vintage barrel-aged beers. With deep roots in the Central Coast, we employ numerous sustainable practices that reflect our commitment to the local community and landscape.