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Unlimited bacon and craft beer is coming to Jersey City. FALL 2019.

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All-inclusive bacon inspired dishes.

It’s the year of the pig. Let the gluttony begin. For the inaugural Bacon and Beer Classic in Jersey City, we’re bringing out all the stops. Indulge in 3+ hours of bacon heaven. We’re talking decadent dishes like: Kentucky Fried Bacon Bites, Pork Belly Sliders, Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes, Spicy Sriracha Pork Ramen and way more from the best local spots.

participating restaurants are being announced soon

All-you-can drink Craft Beer.

Get your iconic tasting cup and sip on 65+ craft beers ranging from hoppy IPAs, to tangy sours, to pale ales and award-winning ambers from the top regional breweries. We’ll even have some spirits and ciders on-site (we see you, non-beer drinkers). Everything’s included in your ticket price make this the open bar to end all open bars.

Participating breweries are being announced soon.

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