Chef Showdown Presented by Hormel®

Your favorite competitors from shows like Hell’s Kitchen & Chopped are going to be on site battling it out for best bacon dish. They’re hungry for glory, you’re hungry for food. Everyone wins.


Chef Ariel Contreras-Fox

Executive concept chef for all Dos Caminos in NYC, Ariel, will be cooking at the Classic! In the past, she spent three years at  Beck and Call with OTG Management, the company that is redefining airport dining.  Ariel was the Terminal Executive Chef who was behind the 100 million dollar EWR United Terminal build out.  They opened 36 units in 3 years!


chef T

Chef T

Chef T was the runner up on "Hell Kitchen" season 14. After returning home from filming she has graced the kitchens of elusive chefs like Kevin Rathbun and vacation meccas like Sea Island. Chef T just finished her stint as Director of Culinary operations at The Draper Mercantile. These days you can find her creating culinary delights at one of her exclusive Chef T Food Experiences.


chef B

Chef Barret Beyer

Chef Barret Beyer epitomizes new beginnings and change, inspiring millions with his cooking and actions.Chef Barret Beyer is a Long Island native whose passion and dedication has allowed him to excel and succeed in every aspect of his professional and personal development.


Chef Sterling Wright

 Sterling has served Presidents and CEO’s, music legends and celebrities, and
appeared on Hell’s Kitchen! He was noted as Nashville’s First Contestant on Fox TV’s “Hell’s Kitchen Season 13. On
the show Sterling was known as “Mr. 100” and “The Chef With The Smile” he was the only contestant in the history
of Hell’s Kitchen that was allowed to keep his Chef Coat!



Chef Frank Bilotti

 Chef Frank Bilotti of Staten Island, New York began his love for culinary arts as a youngster helping his parents in the kitchen. Throughout the years, Chef has received multiple back to back recognition on his menus via “Michelin Guide Recommended.” Additionally, he has competed on Gordon Ramsay’s “HELLS KITCHEN” Season 13 as well as “CHOPPED.” He has been fortunate enough to work hand in hand with some of the most talented chefs and celebrities.