We have a crazy lineup of breweries for 2018. You’ll be able to get nationwide favorite Pseudo Sue from Toppling Goliath a few steps away from Pipework’s Oktoberfest. Haymarket is bringing their Pils & Oktoberfest and Great Central’s Festzelt will be flowing! Come out on October 6th to celebrate Oktoberfest in the best way possible, with some of the best breweries in the Midwest!

Focusing heavily on regional craft beer, the Bacon and Beer Classic will feature local favorites, unknown newbies and beloved regional breweries pouring over 80 craft beers. Come thirsty because your ticket gives you the chance to try it all! Whether you’re a haze chaser or you stick to sours, beer beginner or ale aficionado, we’ve got something you’ll love. The Bacon and Beer Classic is the perfect way to find your new favorite craft beer. More to be announced!


Greenbush Brewing

Nestled in the 2,000 person town of Sawyer, MI Greenbush Brewing Co. opened June 10, 2011 in what used to be a local laundry-mat and video rental facility. The brewery’s name stems from the nearby town Scott hails from. In the 1840s, Harbert was a whistle-stop along the railroad, referred to as Greenbush. 

City Lights Brewing Co

In 2012, the concept behind 4 Brothers Blended Beer Company began to ferment. In 2013, the 4 Brothers brand was launched with a shared vision and collective passion to bring the joy of beer to an ever-growing cadre of craft beer enthusiasts.

Smylie Brothers Brewing Co.

Mike Smylie, oldest of the five brothers, has brewed beer for over ten years since his intro to craft beer while a student at Colorado State University. After ten years as a commodities broker, he decided to follow his passion and study at The Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago where he earned another degree in Business Management and Culinary Arts.

Pipeworks Brewing

Pipeworks Brewery was established in Chicago in 2012 by two friends with a shared dream of crafting quality and creative beers. Since putting the first cap on the first bottle, the brewery has garnered accolades for its distinctive beers and original artwork thanks to a growing and enthusiastic team. 

Urban Renewal Brewery

Urban Renewal Brewery will be Chicago's newest Craft Brewery serving the Ravenswood area patrons with locally inspired beer brewed with the utmost attention to detail. With over 12 years of professional brewing experience, our co-founder and Brewer, James is excited to produce beers desired by consumers fueled with local inspiration. 

Pollyanna Brewing Company

Our beer is and will always be clean and consistent with a strong focus on balance. We feel our four flagship offerings best represent Pollyanna and take pride in their year-round availability. We're constantly experimenting with local fruits and spices, seasonal lagers, barrel-aging, wild yeast, and bacteria.

Will County Brewing Company

Founded in 2016, Will County Brewing Company (WCBC) is an exciting locally owned and operated craft brewery with tap room opening in the picturesque village of Shorewood, Illinois in late 2017.  Our focus can be summed up with three C’s – Craft, Community, and Charity.

Kinslahger Brewing Company

Just what is Kinslahger? Two words that delve deep into the core of who we are. 1) the Kinship we feel towards our community, those in our industry, our customers and business partners, and those people who inspire us. 2) the Lager beer we make. It's our main focus and we strive to make the best beer you have ever tasted.

Short Fuse Brewing

The secret to our success? It’s quite simple, really. Three words: quality craft beer. It may not be simple to get our standard of beer, but for us, it’s second nature - it’s our passion - it’s kind of our thing. The difference is in our classic brewing style mixed with our own little creative flare; the result? A taste so crisp, bold, original, and, dare we say, explosive, you’ll have to taste it to believe it.

Bold Dog Beer Co.

A production brewery based in Chicago, Illinois run but a husband and wife team who really, really love bulldogs. This team started their love affair with beer by trying any beer they had never heard of before, sitting in on brew day at their local brewery and taking their passion for beer from hobby to career! 

Church Street Brewing Company

"Righteously Good Beer"

Chicago's hidden Brewery in the suburbs serving up award-winning traditional European beer. Visit us for a tour or enjoy our taproom.

Aleman Brewing

Aleman Brewing was assembled by Nate Albrecht, Josh Bearry, Jim Moorehouse and Brad Zeller. We are a living, breathing Voltron of strengths, opinions and experiences. We are governed by the urban hustle and corn-fed integrity of our sweet home, Chicago. Our loyalties are to each other, our duties are to our families, and our responsibilities are to the communities in which we operate. We tackle problems creatively. We value the importance of personal relationships. And we make great beer.


Finch Beer Co is a place where friends come together for music, brewery tours, Finch beer favorites and the brewers’ pet projects. Located just west of the Loop and a few blocks from the United Center, the taproom is the perfect space to wet your beak.

Ravinia Brewng Company

Ravinia Brewing Company brings a deep love and appreciation for craft beer to the scene. Bringing over 25 years of experience to the brewery, Grant Thompson, Head Brewer and Andrew Devlin, brewer and co-founder are both masters of combining creative flavor profiles with systematic quality controls to ensure the end product delivers both "edge" and consistency.

One Trick Pony Brewery

A small brewery located south of Chicago, One Trick Pony is a microbrewery that serves a wide range of hand-crafted beers. They host an open mic every Wednesday night, and there's always something going on at the brewery! 

Ferro Farms Cider

Nestled in Kettle Moraine in southeast Wisconsin, Ferro Farms take advantage of the area’s rich glacial soil, which supports the growth of apple trees during the cold winters and temperate summers. The resulting harvest is full of smaller apples with a floral taste, creating a light-bodied cider with fruity sweetness and just a hint of tannins.

Ballast Point

With a west coast meets West Loop vibe, our Chicago brewpub blends California cuisine with local flavors to create exceptional dishes for Fulton Market’s most discerning foodies. With exposed brick, a front area brewing system and a rooftop patio, it’s a casual-yet-lively space to enjoy some of our 40+ beers on tap—including a few Chicago exclusives. 

Haymarket Beer

Haymarket Brewing is a bar for working people – all kinds of working people: first responders, truck drivers, IT technicians, dentists, lawyers, electricians, chefs, brewers…anyone who wants a place to come and put down their hat after a long day on the job.

Around The Bend Beer Co.

A production brewery located in Chicago, Around the Bend Beer Co believes in brewing with purpose. Always pushing the envelope, this brewery is not afraid to try new things. Expect new styles, crazy mash ups, and different flavors from this brewery! 

Great Central Brewing Company

The Great Central Brewing Company helps growing breweries make more of what we all love. While they do brew their own beer, Great Central helps breweries with their production needs. Always willing to collaborate, this brewery puts out some solid beers of their own as well. 

Saugatuck Brewing Company

Saugatuck Brewing Company is dedicated to the entire experience of craft; from the creative food menu to the unique beers. The adventure started with creating a perfect beer, and they have kept that focus since our opening in 2005 with 31 combined rotating taps. They operate on a 45 barrel Brew System with 960 barrels of Fermentation Space and the ability to age over 400 wood barrels at one time.

Virtue Cider

Founded in 2011, Virtue Cider uses 100% Michigan apples to craft their cider. With Michigan being one of the top apple-growing regions of the country, Virtue Cider celebrates the unique setting of Michigan's Cider Coast by producing their ciders using traditional methods: using local fruit, making cider on a farm, and aging it in barrels. 

Toppling Goliath

Founded in 2009, Toppling Goliath has become known world-wide for their IPAs and barrel-aged stouts. TG prides itself on crafting truly top shelf beer and has seen rapid growth over the past few years. You can find their beer across 8 states, but they are beloved by people everywhere. 

Twisted Hippo

Twisted Hippo is a brewery that has been operating on a small scale for a while, but are currently working on opening up a taproom in Chicago. They like to think outside the box, brewing beer that's a little bit weird, but totally approachable. They might do something totally unique once in a while, but generally speaking, you can take comfort in knowing that their stance is that beer is a drink, not a dare.