Bacon Babe of the Month: Donna

Donna is as firey as the two things she loves most: jalapeño and tequila. No wonder she has to cool down at Lake George almost every weekend… When she’s not dockside, she’s throwing spontaneous ragers in her Union Square pad. Anyone 60+ is welcome, but we’ll warn you, it’s truly survival of the littest. A force to be reckoned with, this bombshell will never turn down a BLT with Black Label® jalapeno bacon or a cheesy, jalapeno-topped burger masterpiece. But really, who would? NOM.


Name: Donna Malinak

Job Title: VP, National Partnerships

Current Hometown: New York City

Age: 64

Horoscope: Leo

Describe yourself in 3 words: Generous, passionate and kind

Who is your celebrity crush? Bradley Cooper

What is your favorite craft beer, cider or cocktail? Lemonade beer or spicy tequila cocktail

What is your favorite bacon dish? BLTs

Where can we find you on the weekends? Greenwich Village

What is your favorite restaurant in NYC? The River Cafe

What is your best memory from a Cannonball Productions event? Looking at an empty Safeco Field after our 1st Bacon and Beer Classic there...the lights were on, the guests and vendors were gone and the thrill of having made it happen was the best memory.


These two are always the life of the party!

These two are always the life of the party!

Kate Levenstein