Why Have a Boyfriend When You Can Have Bacon?

As cuffing season approaches, the pressure to find bae can feel all too real. For those of you who worry that the colder months will bring some lonely times, fear not...BACON is here for you. And dare we say, it’s actually better than any old Tinder match.

1. Bacon is sizzling hot, and can keep you warm at night.

2. Bacon is always there when you need it. Breakfast? No problem, how about a bacon, egg & cheese?  Lunch? BLT, duh. Dinner? Some creamy bacon Alfredo, perhaps?

3. Bacon doesn’t care that you’re sweaty from working hard and running around all day. It’s greasy just like you!

4. Bacon can’t ignore your texts because it doesn’t have a cell-phone. Winning!

5. Bacon is the perfect selfie partner. Use it as a cute mustache for an Instagram post, take a nibble for Snapchat, the possibilities are endless!

6. Bacon doesn’t care if you go out with your friends and don’t come home till 3 am. It’s waiting patiently for you in your fridge to be your midnight snack.

7. Bacon is a great +1. Bring it to any party or wedding and NO ONE will complain.

See? Single life isn’t so bad when bacon is involved. Take it from Nick Jonas:

Kate Levenstein