Red White and Brew

Don’t settle for cheap beer on America’s birthday! Make the Founding Fathers proud with these quality, domestic craft brews and thirst-quenching beer cocktails. They are especially refreshing when paired with fireworks, parades, backyard games, and good ol’ summer fun.


The Brews

Anchor Summer Wheat

Anchor Summer WheatAmerican Pale Wheat Ale

There’s a reason Anchor has brewed Summer Wheat every year since ‘84. This refreshing brew is light and crisp with a slight hoppiness. It pairs perfectly with….another bottle! So drink up!

Breakside Liquid SunshineGerman Pilsner style beer

The name says it all. This German style Pilsner offers a tasty balance of biscuit malt and bitter hops. Like that first ray of sunshine creeping through your window, it goes down smooth and easy. Whether you’re nomming a burger at the neighborhood BBQ or watching your kiddos play capture the (American) flag, this brew will deliver.

Session Watermelon Wheat AleWatermelon Beer

Summer and juicy watermelon go hand in hand. So why not get a little more melon in your life with this subtly fruity wheat beer, the ultimate refresher on a hot day?


The Cocktails

Texas grapefruit rattler

The Texas Grapefruit Rattler

Not too sweet, not too bitter, this sudsy creation is everything we ever wanted in a cocktail. Start with a great beer, add some grapefruit juice and bitters, and boom, you’re ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks.

The Svedka Shandygaff

Tired of pre-mixed beer shandies? We’ve got you covered. Kick the classic Corona and lime up a notch by adding colada Svedka and a dash of lemonade. You’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t start drinking these sooner!

The Golden Ale Beer Cocktail

The Golden Ale Beer Cocktail

Not the type to say YAS PLEASE to fruity drinks? Not a problem. Savor this spicy beer cocktail rimmed with actual hot sauce. Lemon, lime, and a hint of elderflower enhance the mild flavor of your favorite golden ale.

Kate Levenstein