Restaurant Spotlight: MAX's Wine Dive

We love featuring the best local chefs and restaurants at our Bacon and Beer Classics. Needless to say, we are thrilled to have the highly-acclaimed MAX's Wine Dive at our Denver Classic this weekend. We sat down with executive chef Mason Rodgers to find out what he's serving at Sports Authority Field and what makes MAX's Wine Dive uniquely gourmet yet down to earth.

Cheese board at MAX's Wine Dive

Cheese board at MAX's Wine Dive

1. Tell me a little more about MAX's Wine Dive. How did it get its start?

MAX’s Wine Dive was born when the owners, Jerry and Laura Lasco, realized that while they loved trying fancy new restaurants, they enjoyed spending the most time at laid-back restaurants and wine bars with an unpretentious, comfortable atmosphere. They named the restaurant after their oldest son, Max, and developed the mantra “Fried Chicken and Champagne?.... Why the Hell Not?!”

MAX’s Wine Dive is famous for offering gourmet comfort food and an expertly curated selection of wines and cocktails in a casual, rock-n-roll atmosphere. For more than 10 years, MAX’s Wine Dive has garnered numerous accolades and awards including Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s “The Nation’s 10 Best Brunches” in 2013, Travel + Leisure’s “Best Wine Bars” in 2012, FOX News’ “5 Best American Fried Chicken Joints” in 2014, and Good Business News’ “12 Restaurants on the Rise” in 2014.

2. Tell us about the bacon dish you plan to bring to the Classic.

We are bringing coconut braised pork belly served with blueberry poached pineapple chunks.

3. What style of beer would you pair with it?

We would recommend a lighter, more summer-friendly beer with this dish, like the Bierstadt Helles lager.

Draft beer at MAX's Wine Dive

Draft beer at MAX's Wine Dive

4. Why are you excited to participate in the Bacon and Beer Classic?

As a new chef in Denver, I am most excited about the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with some of the best local chefs participating in the Bacon and Beer Classic.

5. What do you love about living in Colorado?

My favorite part about living in Denver is an easy one; it has to be the weather. I wish I could be outside right now!

Signature short rib brisket burger at MAX's Wine Dive 

Signature short rib brisket burger at MAX's Wine Dive 

Kate Levenstein