Bacon Babe of the Month: Sam

If you smell tacos around lunchtime, Sam is probably coming in hot. When she isn’t hoarding shrimp in her freezer (for tacos?) or hand beading wedding dresses, she’s Google mapping her way home...every time. Originally from Dirty Jerz, Sam recently upgraded to a mountainside apartment in Bogota, Columbia, traveling the world on Remote Year. TBH, we're not sure how she is surviving the serious Dunkin' Donuts breakfast sandwich drought over there, though.

Sam making new friends while hiking a volcano in Bali...

Sam making new friends while hiking a volcano in Bali...

Name:  Sam Schaible

Job Title: Creative Guru & Sponsorships Manager

Current Hometown: Bogota, Columbia

Age: 25

Horoscope: I'm a Scorpio 100%, no doubt about it. My year's horoscope says that this is my year to 'demolish any barriers that may be holding me back' and I'd say that's totally true. I am on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling the world while working remotely for a year. If that's not breaking a barrier, I don't know what is!

Describe yourself in 3 words: Adventurous. Independent. Over-eater.

Who is your celebrity crush? My girl crush is Jennifer Anniston, no judgement. Man crush? Oh there are so many, but today I'm going with Zac Efron because I just watched 'Dirty Grandpa' this weekend.

What is your favorite craft beer, cider or cocktail? Shake me up a good lemon drop martini or pour out a tequila, seltzer and lime and you'll find me dancing salsa in circles (mostly alone) in the middle of the bar.

What is your favorite bacon dish? This is awkward, I don't really eat bacon... but I've actually tried some really amazing dishes at our Bacon and Beer Classics! I wouldn't say I've been tempted to order bacon outside of the Classics, but our festivals do keep me coming back for more.

Where can we find you on the weekends? In the summertime, you'll likely find me down at the Jersey Shore with friends and family, soaking up the rays and inhaling ice cream and fried food...sometimes simultaneously.

What is your favorite restaurant in NYC? Hmmm... not sure I have one! I don't eat out much in the city, but right now I'm totally digging the vegan restaurant by CHLOE. The guac burger is to die for, whether you're vegan or not!

What is your best memory from a Cannonball Productions event? One of my favorite Cannonball events was the 2015 Bacon and Beer Classic in San Jose, CA. We opened the field up to all attendees and it was truly a party out there. The bacon eating contest had the biggest crowd we've ever had, just hanging out on the grass in the sunshine. It really felt like a community event! Not to mention, it was my birthday and I got a hug from Ben Zorn...

Sam and her sister Sarah in Rome.

Sam and her sister Sarah in Rome.

Kate Levenstein