Have a Sizzling Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re feeling the love for a partner, friend, family member, or just treating yo self this year, turn up the heat with these five bacon gifts.

1. Bacon Balm

For a kissable pout that is moist AND meaty, look no further! We promise this balm will lend itself to a truly unforgettable make out sesh.

2. Bacon Perfume

Don’t stop at lip balm. It only takes a few spritzes of this unique perfume to fill your lover’s arms with the delectable, addictive scent of sizzling bacon. Carry it in your purse for an invigorating, bacon-y pick-me-up any time of day.


3. Bacon Boxers

“Let’s strip” takes on a whole new meaning with these bacon-covered undies. The ultimate turn-on for any hardcore bacon lover, they are guaranteed to turn up the heat on Valentine’s Day (or any day).

4. Bacon Chocolate Gift Box

What is Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Replace the same ol’ heart-shaped box with this bacon-filled masterpiece, which includes chocolate bacon bars, bacon caramel toffee, chocolate-covered bacon strips, and a smoked salt and beer chocolate bar for good measure.

5. Bacon Body Pillow

Whether you’re cozying up with a lover, a friend, or alone, this gigantic, fluffy bacon strip will never let you down. Lean in for a satisfying cuddle or a trip to bacon dreamland any time of day.

Our most important advice of all? Ditch the usual flowers for this epic bouquet of bacon roses. They are beautiful, delicious-smelling, AND edible. Talk about a triple threat.

Kate Levenstein