Fall in Love with Oktoberfest Beer

The leaves are changing, your favorite sweaters are finally coming out to play, and of course...everything on earth now has pumpkin spice in it. That’s right, autumn is here. Fear not beer lovers, your summer IPAs might be out, but there’s plenty of new styles in season. Nothing says fall quite like an Oktoberfest style beer. (No lederhosen required.) We’re here to help you pair these flavorful suds with equally delicious dishes to pumpkin spice up your life. Cheers!



Let’s start with a classic, Samuel Adams’ Octoberfest. This beer has incredible notes of caramel and a killer malt blend. With that dynamic duo, the possibilities for pairing are endless. We suggest something hearty like a pot roast, or roasted chicken. No matter what seasoning you use, the malt blend and sweet hints of caramel are sure to bring out the savory flavor of the meat.



If you’re feeling spicy, try Left Hand Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest Marzen Lager. This brew has a finish with a kick, which is precisely why you should throw some more spice in the mix (salt bae style). Since pork goes so nicely with malt-heavy beers, do yourself a favor and grab some carnitas tacos to accompany your brew. Boom! Spice level 100, achieved.



If you could bottle up the moody scenes and tastes of autumn, you’d get Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s Oktoberfest. This four-time medal winner at the World Beer Championships is perfect with potato pancakes (not that we’re condoning beer with breakfast, but hey - who are we to judge?). If you’re looking for something sweet, add a dollop of applesauce. The crisp apple flavor will complement this brew’s rustic, malty notes.

Beer can go with just about anything. In fact, here are some suggestions for what to pair with your Thanksgiving bird this year. Don’t let the colder months ahead stop you from cracking open a nice cold one; just be sure to bundle up!