Restaurant Spotlight: Genesee Candy Land

We are thrilled to feature the best chefs and restaurants from across the country at our Bacon and Beer Classics. Genesee Candy Land is famous for their chocolate-covered bacon, which they are bringing to our Denver Bacon and Beer Classic at Sports Authority Field on May 13th, 2017. Read on to find out how their bacon-tastic candy has garnered fans in Golden, Colorado and beyond.

1. How did Genesee Candy Land get its start?

We also own Genesee Country Store in Golden, CO. One day a salesperson came in and asked if we would like to start a fudge-making operation. We said sure and the reaction from customers was amazing. The first day we offered fudge we sold out by noon!

We kept adding more and more flavors until we were up to 30 flavors on display every day.  We quickly ran out of room so we decided to convert a part of the store into Genesee Candy Land and it still grows every day.  We now offer fudge, truffles, nut clusters, and candies.  Plus our chocolate-covered bacon, of course!

2. Tell us more about this chocolate-covered bacon. What's special about it?

One day I was watching the Cooking Channel and they were discussing chocolate and bacon. I rushed to Candy Land and made some samples. Everyone loved them, and it is now a staple in the retail store.

We had to go through a rigorous process with the USDA to be certified to sell chocolate-covered bacon. We are the only food manufacturer in the United States who sells full strips of bacon and has the USDA certification!

We dip almost anything in chocolate or fudge: Twinkies, Oreos, pretzels, jalapeno peppers, sugar wafers, Nutter Butter cookies, and more.

Genesee Candy Land Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Genesee Candy Land Chocolate-Covered Bacon

3. What beer would you pair with it?

Porters and stouts. We use dark chocolate to enrobe the bacon and that is not a sweet chocolate. So this is a good pairing.

4. Why are you excited to participate in the Bacon and Beer Classic?

People who come into our retail store have two reactions to the chocolate-covered bacon – delight or confusion.  Those who are “delighted” usually reference their love of bacon and their love of chocolate.

Those who are “confused” ask why we would change a classic – bacon.  But then they try the combination and move over to the “delighted” camp. We want to bring this unique combination to as many people as possible!

5. What do you love about living in Colorado?

I grew up in New England where the winters are harsh and long. Colorado’s winters are milder. You don’t have ice on the roads for weeks at a time and the snow evaporates quickly because of the lack of humidity. I learned quickly that you don’t put your golf clubs, your convertible and your bicycle in storage for the winter as you do in New England.

People are also very friendly in Colorado. When I moved here in 2001, I was amazed with people willing to help me get familiar with my new home – offering directions quickly and offering sight- seeing tips. New Englanders are a bit more reserved – must be that Puritan background!

Kate Levenstein