The Best Summer Beers

If you are anything like us, you’re probably daydreaming about the next time you can stake out an ocean view and throw back a cold one. Salt, sand and hops make for one picture-perfect summer weekend. So when you stop for a six pack on the way to the shore, keep these five summer-inspired beers in mind.

Bacon and Beer Classic

1. Summerfest by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

This Pilsner-style lager is dry yet drinkable, delicate yet complex, spicy yet other words, it’s basically everything you want in a warm weather brew.

2. Camp Wannamango by Harpoon Brewery

If you’re craving something fruity but don’t want to go full-on daiquiri, this pale ale is just the thing. It’s slightly hoppy with a malty mango and passion fruit finish. Talk about refreshing...

3. Hop Sun by Southern Tier Brewing Co.

This session ale lives up to its name. Hoppy and dry, it will wake you up from that reading-turned-nap sesh in the sun, and cool you down no matter how burnt the day leaves you.

4. Anchor Summer Wheat by Anchor Brewing Co.

From their seasonal Christmas Ale to this all-malt wheat beer, we’re convinced everything Anchor Brewing touches is gold. First brewed in the summer of 1984, this Summer Wheat is medium bodied and slightly sweet.

5. Brooklyn Summer Ale by Brooklyn Brewery

We’ll be honest, we saved the best for last. This pale ale is hoppy and bright without a bitter aftertaste, thanks to British 2-row barley. It’s the kind of beer you could drink all day and never get tired of, AKA the perfect beach side choice.

So say no to wine coolers, and say hell yeah to summer brews on the beach. You’re welcome in advance.

Bacon and Beer Classic
Kate Levenstein