Bacon Bro of the Month

If he isn’t jamming with his rock band, Sun Voyager, at gigs throughout the five boroughs, Stefan Mersch is probably chowing down on meat lovers pizza somewhere in Brooklyn. As the ultimate ‘za connoisseur, he highly recommends Joe’s Pizza or Russ, btw. Stefan has been on the Cannonball team for almost a year, and we’re still convinced he might have a secret stash of bacon in his beard...

Stefan Cannonball Productions Bacon Bro

Name: Stefan Mersch

Job Title: Digital Marketing & Acquisition

Hometown: Harriman, New York

Age: 27

Horoscope: Gemini

Describe yourself in 3 words. Bearded. Chill. Unstoppable.

Who is your celebrity crush? Emma Stone

What is your favorite craft beer, cider or cocktail? Anchor Steam Lager

What is your favorite bacon dish? Just bacon.

Where can we find you on the weekends? On a stage or stumbling around somewhere in Brooklyn.

What is your favorite restaurant in NYC? The Brew Inn in Greenpoint

What is your best memory from a Bacon and Beer Classic? Announcing to Grub Shack that they won Best Overall Dish at Municipal Stadium in San Jose. They were the nicest people with the best food and I knew how much they were going to appreciate the win. That one will stick with me.

Stefan with his true love, pizza.

Stefan with his true love, pizza.

Kate Levenstein