The Ultimate Bacon Gift Guide

'Twas the morning of Christmas and and all through the place,

The scent of fresh bacon brought a smile to your face.

You searched beneath the tree with care,

In hopes that BACON gifts were hiding there.

Give your friends and family what they really want this year…bacon gifts. From mom and dad to uncles, grandmas, lovers and more, we've got porky presents for everyone on your list.

Bacon Tie

Bacon Tie

Bacon Toothpaste: Wake up and go to bed with the best taste in the world. You're guaranteed to dream of bacon strips dancing in your head...

Bacon Band Aids: Because bacon makes everything better, even boo-boos.

Bacon Scarf: Don't just wrap hot dogs in bacon...wrap yourself in bacon, too!

Bacon Mints: One whiff of bacon-y fresh breath is sure to make anyone fall in love...

Bacon Mug

Bacon Mug

Bacon Mug: Perfect for drinking bacon coffee.

Bacon Tie: Light up the office with this one-of-a-kind number. #FRESH

Bacon Candle: Now your house can smell like bacon all the time, even when you aren't cooking it. Win.

Bacon Salt: If we were stuck on a desert island and we could only have one food flavoring, obviously this would be it.

Bacon Scented Underwear: Bring bacon into the bedroom...Who could resist?

Bacon Candy Canes: much better than regular candy canes.

*For an extra delicious touch, wrap your gifts in bacon wrapping paper

Bacon Candle

Bacon Candle

Kate Levenstein