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How to Swine Up


Step 1: Fill out the form below. 
Step 2: Post on Facebook telling us why you should be selected to compete using the hashtag #baconeatingchampion. Be sure to use the hashtag or you won't be in the running!
Step 3: On Tuesday (2/20), we'll select five contestants to compete at the fest. If you're one of them, you will be notified by email. 

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The Contest


Come ready to prove your passion for pork. You will be competing against five of the bravest bacon lovers out there. It all goes down at 2:00 PM (afternoon session) and 7:00 PM (evening session).


You'll be invited onto the main stage to eat a pound of crispy bacon strips as quickly as possible. Armed with a bottle of water and your hunger for greasy goodness, you'll battle it out to polish off your plate first. 

3. Win Awesome Prizes

If you win, you will score a year of free Hormel® Black Label® bacon. That's right: over $400 worth of delicious bacon strips to satisfy your every craving. You're a bacon champ, after all. And bacon champs eat only the best.


Friends don't let friends show up without swag.



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