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Swine Up


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The Contest

1. Suit up

Come dressed to impress in your best bacon or beer-inspired look. Bacon cape? Sure. Red and white boa? Why not? Bottle cap sunglasses? You do you! We want you to wear your love of bacon and beer on your sleeve (and we mean that literally).

2. Strut Your Stuff

You'll be invited onto the main stage to show off your spirit at 2:45 PM (afternoon session) or 7:45 PM (evening session). Slink, parade, twirl, or stomp in your bacon or beer-inspired look to hoards of fellow fans. Make sure your friends are there cheering you on (and collecting blackmail footage). 

3. Win Awesome PriZes

If you win, you will be crowned on stage, score $50 worth of merch glorious merch, and get reimbursed the entire cost of your ticket. You’re famous now, after all.  And famous people get freebies. 


Friends don't let friends show up without swag.



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